Mac and Windows sitting in a tree..

So it is currently 2:30am and because I tend to do things without thinking it through, I decided that it would be a great time to play around with my computer. By that I mean install Windows 7 into my Apple laptop. I compared this to putting a pretzel inside an M&M, it is bound to be either really good or just plain bad..

I’ve always thought of Daria as the ultimate icon for the “Geek Chic” look.

During my full 10 hour day on campus today, I googled left, center and right how to properly run Windows without the need to use Boot Camp (partitioning one’s hard-drive just sounds a bit too complicated for my liking). So lo and behold, I found myself with the choice of either going with VMware Fusion or Parallel. I admit I used wikipedia as one of my sources to determine which one I should go with. I can’t complain though, considering the site gave a massive comparison between the two using a chart that determines which program does what exactly.

After much “googling” and speaking with some of my friends that had gone through and put Windows in their Mac’s, I decided to go with VMware. From there, I had to decide exactly how I would install the program. This is where this handy, dandy website came in. In less than 10 easy steps, I had Windows 7 up and running.

Overall, Windows 7 didn’t take that long to install, I would say it only took about 20 minutes tops. The only thing that took a while was when I decided to run Time Machine for the first time and create a backup on my external. I have learned far too many times the importance of having a back up when one decides to “play pretend computer nerd” — not to mention of all the computer failures I’ve had come midterm/exam times.

Well, I’m off to snooze-ville. Hope those two websites helped at least one of you out there in the blog world.


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