Adele: “I don’t make music for eyes, I make music for ears.”

I got about 6hours of sleep and I now have 4hours to go before I write my second exam. So far life these days consists of: waking up (if I get go to sleep), parking my rear end in front of the computer, scrounging for food and of course, taking a bath. Life is grand.

I recently got both of Adele’s CDs, 19 and 21. I cannot tell you how much I ADORE her albums and how hauntingly beautiful her voice is. I have had both of her CDs playing on loop for the past couple of weeks now and I am definitely not getting sick and tired of it. Adele recently covered the April issue of the Rolling Stones and goodness me, she looks phenomenal!

In her Rolling Stone interview, Adele speaks about her family life, her stage fright and her lack of care when it comes to media’s scrutiny of her weight. Most of all, Adele stated that her inspiration for her 21 album came from a recent bitter breakup. I cannot imagine how hard it is to sing about something like that; but both Adele’s songs and her voice are just filled with such emotion that it simply blows me away.

Favorite songs: Rumor Has It, Someone Like You, Right as Rain & Set Fire to the Rain

Source & Photo cred Rolling Stone


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