Kanye + his POWERful performance at Coachella

Ever since I took my facebook account down, to cut back on the number of distractions, I found myself spending more time on Twitter. If that isn’t counterproductive then I don’t know what is.

I stumbled upon a friends tweet about a Live Webcast of Kanye’s performance at Coachella last night. Kanye was set to perform at 10:30pm PDT, which was 1:30am EST. It was about 1am when I read the tweet and figured I could stay up the extra 30minutes and wait. 1:30 came and no Kanye. 1:40 came and no Kanye. Finally, the irrelevant interviews stopped and Kanye came on. Was it worth the 20 minute wait? You bet it was.

Kanye started his set singing Dark Fantasy while standing in a crane hovering above the audience. Fun fact of the night, Kanye was wearing a shirt from Celine’s Spring/Summer 2011 Womenswear collection.

If a woman can wear a man’s shirt, why can’t it be the other way around? And I dare say, Kanye actually pulled it off AND looked good. Of course, he added his own effects to it, a rather bold gold necklace and his assortment of bracelets. He “Kanye-fied” it. (Ok, so I’m no good at making up words, but to each their own).

After singing Dark Fantasy, Kanye walked through the audience and moved on to Power. I don’t know if its the dancers, the beat or just how Kanye performs this song (or of all the above); but every single time he does this song, it’s always bigger and better than the last. And last night was no exception.

Am I right or am I right? I wish I could say more about the rest of his set, but a little after that song ended, I found myself falling asleep on my computer desk. I just have to put up with one more year of this sleeping pattern — or lack of.. just one more year..

Source & Photo cred: Dazed Digital, HypeBeast and Rollingstone


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