Bonjour Louis!

For my birthday this past summer, my parents got me a pet. As lovely as the thought is, I think deep down inside, they thought I’ve been too lonely and decided that a cat would be the answer to my “loneliness”. Bless their heart. They’re trying to turn me into the cat lady.

My parents and I went to a breeder (don’t be upset that I didn’t go to the animal shelter, I know that there’s a lot of well deserving cats there who should be given a loving home) and we looked to see what kittens they had available. Louis was the one who was the most active out of all them, the one who went after the toy and definitely the most aggressive one of the bunch…I essentially based my decision on Louis’ big personality (aka, he was the biggest pain in the butt). I remember sitting in the car with my parents trying to decide on a name. At first we thought Louis was a girl, so I planned on calling her “Pippa”. Yes, that’s right, after Katherine Middleton’s sister with the same name. I can still remember the look my father gave me, it was as if I had grown a second head in that same moment.

Then looking at the picture of Louis that I had taken on my phone, his rosettes (spots) and color reminded me of the class Louis Vuitton monogrammed bag…and the rest was history.

Louis can be a big pain in the butt…by that I mean, he is quite needy. For instance, if he wants to be carried (that’s right, my cat likes to be carried), he will find a high spot, like my couch, and wait for me to walk by at which point he will stick his paw out, as though to stop me and will then proceed to climb onto my shoulder. He also fancies crying like a baby, and I mean he really does sound like a baby — often at times, whenever I am on the phone, Louis will purposefully cry louder than normal, prompting who ever I am in a conversation with to ask if I have a baby crying near by. There have been several times where I have seriously thought about getting a nanny for my cat.

Even right now, as I’m writing this blog, Louis is curled up in my lap; but not in a way normal cats would, see Louis has ME trained in such a way that I am sitting on my computer chair with my knees close to my chest just so that he can be perched up in between my knees and chest. This usually brings about the pins and needles sensation in my feet/legs, which I thoroughly enjoy..

As much as I complain about having such a whiny/vocal cat, I wouldn’t trade him for the world. Even as I try to pawn him off to my friends to take, he really does make for a good company.


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